Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future Idea Competition for Students Worldwide

Winner receives $10,000 prize value including a paid internship at Fentress Architects and recognition in an international traveling museum exhibit

August 30, 2011Innovative TechnologiesIconic DesignSustainability…Globalization UrbanizationSecurityFlexibility and Beauty.  Expressions of our ever-changing world, these words inspire Fentress Architects first-ever Global Challenge, an international idea competition inviting architecture and engineering students to present their vision for the airport of the future.

The aviation industry supports $3.5 trillion in annual economic activity, 32 million jobs and 2.4 billion passengers per year; therefore airport design has become more important than ever. In the last 15 years, spurred by globalization and urbanization, there has been a resurgence of new airports in almost every city around the world.  

Continually pushing the forefront of airport design, Curtis Fentress is known for his focus on enhancing the human experience from “curbside to airside,” offering passengers the latest in innovations, efficiency and comfort. Fentress Architects is a global leader in airport architecture with a portfolio totaling more than 52 million square feet of airport terminals and facilities, including:

  • Denver International Airport (Best Airport in North America, Business Traveler Readers’ Survey, Denver International Airport Passenger Terminal Complex, 2008)
  • Incheon International Airport (Best Airport Worldwide, Airports Council International, 2005-2010)
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport (World’s Most Technologically Advanced Airport, Airport Improvement Magazine, 2010)
  • Los Angeles International Airport  (Best Construction and Design Projects, California Construction and Design, 2010)

Fentress Architects is a learning organization, fostering an environment where creativity and leadership thrive. The studio invites students to share their innovative ideas about the future of airport architecture through the 2011 Fentress Global Challenge, which ponders:

What is the future of airport design?  How will the Airport of the Future look and function? 

What is the human experience within this future airport?

Evaluated in areas such as Creative Approach, Response to Site, Sustainability and Functionality, the winning student will earn a prize value of $10,000, which includes $3,000 cash and a paid internship at Fentress Architects during the summer of 2012. The winning design will also gain international exposure in a traveling museum exhibit. Second and third place winners will receive prize values of $1,000 and $500 respectively.


Competition Announcement                Friday, July 22, 2011              

Registration Deadline                          Monday, October 31, 2011                

Question Submission Deadline            Monday, November 7, 2011   

Design Submission Deadline               Saturday, December 31, 2011           

Winners Announced                          Wednesday, February 15, 2012        

Winning Designs Exhibited                  July 2012- 2015

Internship at Fentress Architects       Summer 2012