Frequently Asked Questions 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Will the internship be offered to all three members of the winning team? 

    All three members of the winning team will be invited to intern at Fentress Architects. International applicants will need to work through the visa process with our team. 

    Do I have to work on a team?

    No. You may choose to work on a team of three individuals but it is not required. 

    Do I need to work with the existing terminal structures and layout?  

    You can change as much of the airport terminal program as you like. Take into account the current runway and site configurations. 

    Should we work with the old airport architecture? 

    Your design does not have to reflect the current airport architecture. 

    How are the prizes awarded to teams? 

    The prizes are awarded to teams via Paypal or mail. Prizes are to be split between team members. 

    Can there be more than three people on a team? 

    No. There is a limit of three people per team. 

    Is there a registration fee for this competition? 

    There is no registration fee. 

    If I'm already regidtered or my team is already registered, do I need to register again to submit to this year's compatition?

    If you or your team is already registerted from years in the past, there is no need to re-register.